There is no silver bullet, no single-cure all that will help you understand how and why you are burned out. That said, it is important to understand the following things about the various theories presented here:

  1. The MBI only measures a specific moment in time. There is some question in the research about burnout fluctuations across time, and that our level of burnout score may vary depending on the day we take the survey.
  2. Measuring burnout  and interpreting it through the JD-R (Job Demands and Resources Model) is also fraught with some issues because demands and resources fluctuate over time. This is especially true for intrinsic (personal) resources. (See Self-efficacy)
  3. Measuring burnout and interpreting it through Self Efficacy is also imperfect because many things outside of the workplace can provide us with a positive self-image, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, a new romance, etc. The General Self-Efficacy Scale does not measure this external factors.